Frequently Asked Questions

So how are we different?


Unlike many complicated DIY website creation apps, or digital agencies that quote expensive rates, our unique approach merges the best of both.

It’s Simple. Every website made by Estate is personally launched by a web-professional. Why? So that you don’t have to figure out what instructions such as “connect site to existing domain” mean, or worry about “cloud based hosting infrastructures”.

It’s Affordable. With our easy-to-use builder that can create unlimited design possibilities, we are able to easily launch designs without high development costs, and we pass on the savings to you.

You concentrate on what matters: Your content.

What is Responsive Design?

Learn more about the method that is changing the way people experience the web.

Why does it take up to 3 business days to build my website?

Each website made by Estate is personally launched by a web professional. Unlike DIY website creators, we ensure that each website is optimized and running smoothly before passing you the reins. Additional time is also required to procure your custom domain name.

Can I edit my own website?

Yes of course! Keep your content fresh with our easy-to-use editor. Once your website is launched, you will be provided with login details and quick tutorial on how to update your content.

Do I own the domain name if you register it for me?

Yes, you own the domain that we register for you.

More Questions?

Contact us here. We will be happy to respond to you within 48 hours.

I already have my own domain name. Can I use it?

Sure! You will need to provide us with your domain account login details so that we can connect it to your new website.

What happens after my 1 year subscription is up?

We will contact you a month before your package is up with the option to renew your website with us for another year. If you choose to leave Estate, you can take the domain name and your content with you but not the design of the website. Once your package is up, your website will be removed along with all the content.

How many pages are included in my website?

Our business kit starts at 7 pages which we design for you, but we can go up to any amount based on your needs.