What is a Responsive website?


Simply put, a responsive website is a web design that provides an optimal viewing experience regardless of screen size and device. A responsive website will look great, whether the user is browsing your website on an iPhone or Android, surfing on a tablet, or reading up on your business from their desktop computer.

What does a Non-Responsive website look like?


Without a responsive design, the user has to manipulate the site by pinching and zooming to read content and access navigational buttons. The site no longer has a smooth flow of content that is more appropriate for smaller screens, and a lot of content can be cut off or even unaccessible.

A responsive design ensures that your site offers an “app-like” experience when viewed on a mobile or tablet device, without you having to build an actual app version.

Why a Responsive website?

Mobile usage is exploding

By the end of 2014, mobile users will surpass desktop users

Adapts to future devices

With 232 possible screen sizes in 2014, users will still get the best experience of your website on any new device regardless of operating system and screen size

Cost Effective

Only manage one set of content as you no longer need to build versions of your website for every popular device

Get your website ready for the modern web

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